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Soumada - traditional almond drink

Soumada - traditional almond drink

A traditional Cretan nutrient drink made with natural extract from fresh Cretan almonds was added in our product line.
Antonis Gialelakis is the creator of this traditional «Soumada» drink from Mirambello region of Crete.
In early fall, we were offered soumada as a cold drink in the village of Kritsa near Agios Nikolaos Crete. It was such an authentic taste that we wanted to find the producer and add it in our eshop product line. After a bit of personal research, we finally found Antonis Gialelakis today (18/1/2015) in Neapolis of lassithi where his laboratory is. This time, we tasted soumada as a hot drink. Whatever we say it is not enough to describe the aroma and the taste. You have to try it to believe it.

Soumada is a syrup made from natural extract from fresh Cretan almonds that Antonis uses only from the nearby villages of Kritsa and Krousta, famous for their quality almonds.
You must dilute 1 part soumada to 4 parts water (cold plus ice cubes or boiled), depending on the season. Stir well and enjoy!!

If you happen to visit Neapolis, stop by the town center plaza, look for classic cafe «To Kentron» and enjoy this traditional cretan drink.

If you prefer to enjoy this nutritious and very healthy drink in the comfort of your own home, order our Soumada.


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