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Chicken fillet with raisins and tangerine sauce

Chicken fillet with raisins and mandarin citrus sauce

Boneless chicken breast fillets
Salt, Pepper
Thyme by Iliostasio
Extra virgin olive oil by Oleum Creta
Eltyna white wine
1 cup of mandarine orange juice
Organic raisins by Ambelodimiourgies

Slice the chicken breast in 3-4 thin fillets.
Season the chicken fillets with salt, pepper springle a bit of thyme and a bit of olive oil.
Mix the above and leave it for about half an hour to marinade.
Add the chichen fillets to heated non-stick frying pan. Once the chicken fillets are brown coated on both sides, add a glass of the Eltyna white wine.
Cook until the wine evaporates and add the mandarine juice and the raisins.
Reduce heat and simmer for 2-3 minutes to retain the sauce.
Serve with rice or fresh mash potatoes.




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