Crete is blessed with a fertile soil. Many quality award-winning wines are produced from unique local Cretan grape varieties. Just taste them!

Raki (Tsikoudia) is the traditional Cretan welcome drink made from distilled grapes. Raki is offered to friends and as a treat on the house by local tavernas after your meal. Raki with honey (rakomelo in Greek) is a favorite winter hot spirit. Nowdays, raki can be enjoyed in many flavors as it is infused with almond, strawberry, orange, caramel, coffee, e.t.c.

Unique non-alcoholic traditional Cretan drinks, Soumada made from almonds, aromatic Kanelada (cinnamon drink) and a wide selection of natural herb and fruit syrups and liqueurs without artificial aromas as well as Cretan herbal teas like Karteraki.


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