Cretan Sariki

Cretan Sariki

Cretan Sariki is the head turban of the traditional Cretan costume.

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This elaborate Cretan headband symbolizes the occupation of Crete by the Turks. It is said that its dense knitting and fringes symbolize the tears and the mourning that were caused by the tragic events of the period.

Sariki in Crete is knitted in two colors, black and white. White and off-white colors symbolize happiness and are worn on occasions such as weddings and baptisms, while black symbolizes bravery, pride, and grief in the life of Cretans.

Nowadays, this Cretan headscarf is still worn by many Cretans, mainly in black, representing Cretan leventia (bravery). It is worn either wrapped around the head or on the shoulders.

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