Kretaraki Cabernet Sauvignon Cretan Tsikoudia DS DISTILLERS 500ml 0,5L

An excellent Traditional Cretan single variety tsikoudia Kretaraki distilled from grapes of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety.
Alcohol by volume: 40 % vol.
Gross Weight: 1,5 Kg

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Kretaraki by DS Distillers


Cabernet Sauvignon Cretan Raki Tsikoudia

Cabernet Sauvignon Cretan Raki is the traditional Cretan drink Tsikoudia - Raki in a more refined and unique single variety version for sophisticated Raki enthousiasts.

The well travelled Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety, grown in Cretan land, gives the raw materials for the creation of a very special distillation whose taste and aroma reflect the personality of its origin. In Cretan Cabernet Sauvignion Raki one can taste notes of spices combined with the aromas of chocolate & coffee.

The Cabernet Sauvignon Cretan Raki (tsikoudia) is part of the efforts DS Distillers make to bring products of higher quality to the consumers.


Note: Maximum order for Cretan Tsikoudia - Raki is two bottles for shipments to USA, Canada and other countries with strict alcohol import laws. 

* Enjoy Tsikoudia responsibly. Do not drink and drive.

The producer

Kretaraki by DS Distillers

The authentic Cretan Tsikoudia Kretaraki and the traditional KretarakiMeli, the famous tsikoudia with honey are the most acclaimed distillates of Kretaraki DS Distillers company. Kretaraki by DS Distillers is one of the biggest and more technologically advanced, state of the art distilling production units in Crete.

Their story begins in 2000, when the families Stamatakis and Diamantakis both having huge knowledge and history in the distilling business joined together, combining tradition, meraki (passion) and creativity,  founding a new venture with the name Kretaraki DS Distillers.

They are located in the very heart of Malevizou province just outside village Kato Asites, an area with huge history in grape cultivation, vinification and distillation. Their efforts are focused in creation of high quality products in combination with all necessary steps in the production chain, with consistency, safeguearding the quality of raw materials, respecting farmers, nature, and the consumers. Their goal is to bring out the best possible outcome and put in place the Cretan Raki and all other Greek distilling products.

Kretaraki DS Distillers is active in the production of Cretan Tsikoudia Kretaraki, KretarakiMeli, the famous tsikoudia with honey and Cabernet Sauvignon, a single variety tsikoudia spirit, the most renowned products of the company due to their excellent quality. Ouzo 42 and Cretan Ouzo also combine all the good qualities of a fine greek ouzo spirit and are really worth tasting.





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