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Foam Bath 25A Melissa and Marjoram 200ml

Mild, innocuous Foam Bath with natural herbal extracts of melissa and marjoram, vitamins and polyphenols. Replenishes essential moisture and leaves skin naturally soft.
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25A Cosmetics


Mild, innocuous Foam Bath with natural extracts, soothes skin and energizes the body. Replenishes essential moisture and leaves skin naturally soft, smooth, and beautiful. Rich formula in herbal extracts vitamins and polyphenols.

    Melissa extract: Protects skin from oxidative damage and pre-aging. Revives skin, relaxes the body and relieves anxiety.
    Marjoram extract: Known for its muscle relaxing properties. It contains the polyphenol rosemarinic acid which soothes and tones the skin, leaving it with a healthy and fresh feeling.
    Provitamin B5 (Panthenol): Penetrates to the lower skin layers and moisturizes effectively. Its humectant-like properties are ideal for treating dry or irritated skin.
    Natural mild cleansing substances: SLES, SLS free, biodegradable and compatible with skin and mucous membranes. Do not cause skin dryness or irritation.

The producer

25A Cosmetics

The name of the Natural Cosmetics line 25A denotes the longitude of our company’s location, namely 25 16’ Anatolika (East in Greek); a place where nature blends harmonically with science and technology.

In a unique site surrounded by olive orchards and vineyards, at Cretan HerbalChem, we produce the essential ingredients and develop the natural cosmetics 25A in fully equipped laboratories with modern facilities.

The extracts and essential oils constituting the active ingredients of our products are derived from the Cretan flora which represents one of the richest biodiversity hot spots in aromatic and medicinal plants worldwide. Via our collaboration with Academic Institutions and Research Centers we develop novel products and ensure their efficacy and safety.

We use environmentally sustainable practices and modern extraction methods. This maximizes the beneficial properties of the precious plants that we cultivate or collect, which are used in 25A cosmetic products.

“Nature & Science” is the cornerstone of our philosophy and at Cretan HerbalChem we strive to encompass these values in the development and production of cosmetics that offer every day beauty care in the most natural and pure way.