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Escargots Snails Garlic Parsley Escargot de Crete

Fine delicacy of escargots snails with garlic and parsley by Escargot de Crete. Ready to taste or use in a variety of fantastic recipes.
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Escargot de Crete


Innovative product from Escargot de Crete!

Product inspired by the famous French recipe "escargots de bourguignon" with the innovative conceptions of Escargot de Crete: butter used in the classic French recipe has been replaced by the Cretan olive oil and the product is not standardized in the familiar frozen form but in the form of a ready meal. Adding the outstanding quality of the meat of our snails we are talking about a top product! Unique experience to place the meat from our jar inside our sterile shells and warm it slightly in the microwave! The jar contains about 3 French portions (6 pieces / portion)

Snails Helix Aspersa 50g (15-20 snails), Extra virgin olive oil (of organic farming, P.D.O. Vorios Mylopotamos-Crete) 38g, Garlic, Parsley, Onion, Cretan Wine, Sea salt.

Net weight : 90 gr
Drain weight : 52 gr

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