Wild Artichoke Hearts in Cretan Olive Oil 220γρ

Mini wild artichokes hearts, a unique vegetable delicacy, in Cretan extra virgin olive oil. A traditional accompanying snack for salads and meals.
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Idaia land women cooperative of Gergeri


Wild mini artichoke hearts

With its outstanding taste, the wild mini artichoke could be the "gourmet" that the Cretan nature can offer. Anyone who loves arthichoke hearts, in this little jar, will discover a unique tasty and nutritional treasure.

The wild mini artichokes grow in the Cretan countryside. They are peeled and lightly pickled in a traditional way. They are then preserved in extra virgin olive oil.

These Cretan wild artichokes, are nowadays difficult to find and even more difficult to prepare so that they can be consumed. The women of Gergeri Argicultural cooperative ''IDAIA LAND" harvest the wild artichokes in the region of Gergeri on Psiloritis mountain, where they naturally grow, while in the meantime try to reinforce and develop their growth so that there will be more wild artichokes in the future.

Wild artichokes, is a food with high nutritional value. It has double the amount of calcium, that breast milk has, a high amount of phosphorus, iron and fibers. It is considered to contribute to blood regeneration and in the past it was consumed by people suffering from malaria.

The wild mini artichoke hearts is one of the most prime delicacies of the Cretan diet, but expensive due to the high harvest and processing cost. One could say that it is a unique product for sophisticated tastes.

my tip: 

Don't throw away the oil that's left in the jar. It is very tasty and can be used in your cooking, your salads or raw on a dacos or toasted bread with a little oregano and thyme. 

I would also like to mention that the only disadvantage, is the poorly designed label which cannot realy give credit to this extraordinary product.

The producer

Idaia land women cooperative of Gergeri

Ten women from the mountain village of Psiloritis in Gergeri, having as a desire to keep alive the homemade recipes inherited from their mothers and grandmothers, which, as good housewives are practicing daily at home, decided to establish a cooperative that became their work and artistry.

In order to produce the Cretan "delicacies" from traditional recipes and promote the Cretan diet, they offer a wide selection of Cretan products & food, all with natural ingredients and with no preservatives

The cooperative has modern facilities for the preparation, production and standardization of products as well as a beautiful country tavern for the organization of small but memorable events.

Apart from the products that you will find in our online store, the cooperative produces a large variety of cookies, biscuits, breadsticks and traditional Cretan cheese/green pies that one can order upon request.

My Tip

Πρόκειται για πολύ μικρό αγγιναράκι. Μην σκεφτείτε καθόλου τη γνωστή άγρια αγγαθωτή αγγινάρα.

Όταν το πρωτοείδα, πραγματικά απόρησα, τόσο μικρό, πως μπορούν και το καθαρίζουν. Οι γυναίκες του συνεταιρισμού αφιερώνουν απίστευτα πολύ χρόνο για τη συλλογή και καθαρισμό αυτής της μικροσκοπικής άγριας αγγιναρούλας.

Από γεύση, πεντανόστιμο, ευωδιαστό και τραγανό!

Το συλλέγουν από τις πλαγιές της γύρω περιοχής. Πολύ θα ήθελα να βρεθώ άνοιξη στη Γέργερη, να κόψω κι εγώ αυτά τα άγρια αγγιναράκια και να μάθω πως τα φτιάχνουν. Τι λέτε, να οργανώσουμε μία τέτοια εκδρομούλα;