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All natural grape syrup -petimezi is a Cretan traditional product rich in energy, iron, calcium, made from grape's syrup. Use it as a substitute for sugar in beverages.
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Idaia land women cooperative of Gergeri


Petimezi Idaia Land 450gr

Petimezi  is a cretan traditional product made from grape's syrup  rich in energy, iron and calcium. It is considered as a great superfood.

Petimezi is a thick syrup made by boiling grape must. With no preservatives, coloring, or sugar added, it combines most of the therapeutic ingredients of the grape. It is commonly used in breakfasts for an energy boost or as a soothing remedy for sore throat. It is also used in cooking as a marinade especially combined with Cretan vinegar, or as a sweetener instead of sugar for your coffee or tea.

Petimezi was used as a natural sweetener in ancient Greece. The Greeks even had a rating scale for it according to its colour and thickness. The most famous was the Minoan petimezi, but it was also used in ancient Rome and Cyprus.

Our Petimezi, which is made based on a traditional recipe by the women of the Agricultural cooperative of Gergeri village, would probably have the highest score in the ancient rating scale. Its taste is superb and it will be one of the most exquisite products in your pantry.

The producer

Idaia land women cooperative of Gergeri

Ten women from the mountain village of Psiloritis in Gergeri, having as a desire to keep alive the homemade recipes inherited from their mothers and grandmothers, which, as good housewives are practicing daily at home, decided to establish a cooperative that became their work and artistry.

In order to produce the Cretan "delicacies" from traditional recipes and promote the Cretan diet, they offer a wide selection of Cretan products & food, all with natural ingredients and with no preservatives

The cooperative has modern facilities for the preparation, production and standardization of products as well as a beautiful country tavern for the organization of small but memorable events.

Apart from the products that you will find in our online store, the cooperative produces a large variety of cookies, biscuits, breadsticks and traditional Cretan cheese/green pies that one can order upon request.

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