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Cretan Raki-Tsikoudia with Almond 500ml KEDRIA Distillery

Tsikoudia with almond is a modern version of the traditional Cretan Rakomelo infused with almonds and bitter almonds. Similar to taste with the famous Amaretto.
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Kendria Cretan drinks


Cretan Tsikoudia with Almond KEDRIA Distillery

Cretan Tsikoudia with Almond, is a modern version of the traditional Rakomelo. It is a slightly bitter-sweet tsikoudia spirit low in alcohol (17%), flavored with fresh almonds. 

Kedria Distillery from Chania creates special tsikoudia spirits with unique flavors and aromas. Ioanna, the owner of Kedria distillery, uses fresh local almonds and bitter almonds, which she puts in prime Cretan raki for a long time until all the flavors and aromas of the almonds are blended with the Raki. 

Kedria distillery bottles Tsikoudia with Almond in elegant glass bottles that make an ideal gift. Enjoy Cretan Tsikoudia with Almond hot during the winter and cold, or on the rocks during the summer. Use it to create unique summer coctails.

 Note: For shipments to USA, Canada and countries with strict alcohol rules we suggest that orders should contain maximun two bottles or up to 2lt of alcoholic spirits.

The producer

Kendria Cretan drinks

The Kotzamichalis family is been in the home distillery business for many years. Their authentic flavored raki family recipes always impressed their friends and guests and became the motivating factor for establishing a production unit.  In 2014, the Kotzamichalis family dream came true and KENDRIA Cretan Tsikoudia infused with the islands authentic flora was a reality.

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