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Cretan Raki-Tsikoudia with Almond 200ml KEDRIA Distillery

Cretan Tsikoudia with almond from Kedria Distillery. Square shaped glass bottle 200ml.
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Kendria Cretan drinks


Cretan Tsikoudia with Almond KEDRIA Distillery

Cretan Tsikoudia with Almond Kedria is made from seeds of organic apricots and tradional Cretan raki. The seeds are le in the raki for a few days, just long enough to be processed and give the desired ?avor of almond.

It can be served either with or without ice, before or aer meals, and can be used as an ingredient in a cocktail.

Kedria distillery bottles raki (tsikoudia) in round shaped glass bottles of 500ml, 200ml, 100ml and in unique square shaped small glass bottles of 100ml and 50ml.

In our e-shop you will find the round shaped glass bottle of 500ml and the square shaped glass bottle of 100ml.


Note: Maximum order for Cretan Tsikoudia - Raki is two bottles for shipments to USA, Canada and countries with strict imported alcohol laws.

The producer

Kendria Cretan drinks

The Kotzamichalis family is been in the home distillery business for many years. Their authentic flavored raki family recipes always impressed their friends and guests and became the motivating factor for establishing a production unit.  In 2014, the Kotzamichalis family dream came true and KENDRIA Cretan Tsikoudia infused with the islands authentic flora was a reality.

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