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Cretan Soumada the drink with delicious taste also known as the drink of happiness. Traditional nutrient soft drink made with natural extract from Cretan almonds.
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Soumada Ek Petras (from stone)


Soumada, known also as almond milk, is a traditional Greek nutrient soft drink made with natural extract from fresh Cretan almonds.

Soumada is called the drink of happiness because traditionally is served at wedding and engagement parties because of its distinctive white color.

The producer of our soumada, Antonis Gialelakis, located in Neapolis, produces Soumada by using natural extract  from fresh almonds cultivated in the nearby villages of Kritsa and Krousta.

Buy our soumada and enjoy a flavourful, traditional drink which is also so nutritious that will fill you with energy.


The producer

Soumada Ek Petras (from stone)

Antonis Gialelakis creates in his workshop Ek Petras (from stone) in Neapoli-Lassithi, forgotten traditional drinks and flavors.

Soumada a drink made from local almonds of excellent quality, Kanelada an aromatic drink made from cinnamon and other sweet creations from local pure ingredients.