Ceramic Handmade Salad Bowl 'POMEGRANATE' 28cm Limberidis Ceramics

Handmade and handpainted Cretan ceramic bowl 28cm with pommegranate design, suitable for foods. Use it for fruits, salads, food or as decorative item.
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Limberidis Ceramics


Handmade and handpainted Cretan ceramic bowl with pommegranate design, non toxic, lead-free, suitable for foods. Use it for food or salads or as decorative item. Diameter 28cm, height 3,5cm. Each piece is unique and might have a slight difference with a similar piece since they are made and painted by the artist's hand one by one.

The producer

Limberidis Ceramics

Dimitris Limberidis creates traditional handmade ceramics which he personally handpaints in various design theme- series such as Olive, Pomegranate, Bees, Fish e.t.c.  He uses eco friendly materials which comply with strict European Union and USA regulations for dining items. They are certified by the State General Chemical Laboratory.

His decorative ceramic series are also unique and of superior quality.

His superior and consistent craftmanship was recognized in many exhibitions such in Frankfurt International Expo, Berlin, Ganders and Madrid. Today, his ceramics are exported in many European countries and the United States.