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Traditional Greek Matzounia Sweets with Thyme Honey 200gr

Greek jelly sweets made with Sfakiano thyme honey by Saviolakis Family.
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Saviolakis Family


Sfakiano Matzouni

Cretan jelly sugar coated sweets made with Sfakiano thyme honey by Saviolakis Family.

This is a unique and old Matzouni recipe from Konstantinoupolis and is considered to be a traditional and natural remedy, which have been used for years  to sooth sore throat, mouth dryness and relieve cold symptoms. The honey used in these sweets is one of the best products Crete's nature can offer.   

Package of 250gr. Store in a dry and cool place.

The producer

Saviolakis Family

With a tradition of over 250 years, Saviolakis Family is one of the oldest beekeeping families in Crete and Greece. The art and knowledge is conveyed in secrecy and reverence from one generation to the other until today.

Their principle is the collection of the highest quality bee honey and its elegant treatment in order to preserve all the nutrients, the authentic flavor and the unique aroma.

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