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Canelada 500ml. Canelada is a traditional Greek syrup made from cinnamon. Drink it cold as a refreshing soft drink or hot together with tea.
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Soumada Ek Petras (from stone)


Traditional Cretan Canelada is a tasteful cinammon syrup.

You can either enjoy Canelada cold or hot by diluting it with water or carbonated water (in a ratio 1 to 5), or even mixed with your favourite tea or coffee.  It can also be used as a topping on ice-cream, greek yogurt or sweets.

Cretan Canelada is produced in Neapoli Lasithiou and contains 50% of Ceylon cinnamon and 50% regular cinammon giving a cinammon syrup of higher taste and quality. 


 * Personal experience

 My yougest daughter loves drinking Canelada. She is used to drinking it during the winter when she had a cold and coughed a lot. A hot tea from cretan herbs (karteraki), with a teaspoon of thyme honey and lots of Canelada was the remedy to treat the symptoms of the common cold and cough.

During the winter she faced lots of colds and had a persistent cough, so every morning we made our hot beverage in a thermos so she could drink it and feel better for the whole duration of her school lessons.

*My tip

I heartily recommend a hot Canelada beverage during the cold winter days and nights for the whole family.


The producer

Soumada Ek Petras (from stone)

Antonis Gialelakis creates in his workshop Ek Petras (from stone) in Neapoli-Lassithi, forgotten traditional drinks and flavors.

Soumada a drink made from local almonds of excellent quality, Kanelada an aromatic drink made from cinnamon and other sweet creations from local pure ingredients.

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