Eclectic Mastiha Cookies Dear Greece 200gr

Greek traditional crunchy Mastiha (Chios mastic) Cookies Dear Greece combining unique mastiha from Chios and Cretan extra virgin olive oil. Great taste, exciting aroma.
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Dear Crete


Eclectic Mastiha Cookies Dear Greece

Mastiha (chios mastic)cookies are made with love of the Greek tradition.These crunchy cookies with unique Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) mastiha from Chios have a great taste and an exciting aroma. In combination with the beneficial attributes of the Cretan extra-virgin olive oil, makes them a uniquely delicious and healthy snack option for any time of day.

Take a bite of an eclectic Mastiha cookie, feel the taste flood your senses and let its aromas take you to the amazing, picturesque island of Chios, a perfect break during a hard day. 

The producer

Dear Crete

In 1930, a confectioner named Alkiviadis Kalabokis, a refugee from Smyrna, settled in Sitia, on the island of Crete. At his pastry shop, Sitia residents and visitors had the chance to taste unique sweet and ice cream delights, prepared with meticulous care, from pure ingredients and based on time - cherished, traditional recipes from Constantinople. In 1950, Alkiviadis’ son, Fokion Kalabokis, took over the family business and set product standardization afoot, while retaining their traditional character. In 1985, the third family generation, Alkiviadis and Christoforos Kalabokis took over, and continued the confectionery artistry following the family's tradition. All Dear Crete products are based on the same quality of taste and have accompanied the daily and social activities of the Cretan people through the ages.

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