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Honey and Health

For Honey Lovers... the best Cretan thyme honey and honey delights, Greek honey loukoumi and mantzouni sweets.
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Honey and Health - a set of Honey products

For honey lovers, this is the best Cretan Thyme Honey and the healthiest versions of Greek Honey Delights and Honey Matzounia Sweets - the traditional Cretan sweets used to fortify the immune system. All products are made with the purest thyme honey and are delicious and pure.

The set Honey and Health includes:

  • 1 jar of the highest quality of Cretan Thyme Honey 340gr, one of the purest products Crete's nature can offer. Produced and packaged in the area of White Mountains, a Natura protected area. 
  • 2 boxes of Greek Delight bites with thyme honey. The delight bites contain the smallest percentage of sugar compared to other similar products and, as they're not sugar coated and full of honey, they're the healthiest choice for a sweet snack. 
  • 1 box with traditional Cretan Matzounia Sweets (15-17 honey sweets). The traditional Matzounia have been used for years to sooth dry or sore throat. Pure honey also makes it suitable for children.

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