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Cretan Rusk Salad bowl 800gr

Traditional Cretan rusk in the shape of a salad bowl.
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Erofili Bakery


Oven dried traditional rusk bowl. An ingenious edible salad bowl made from the same dough as the Cretan rusks. 

Rusk bowl is a unique type of rusk with a round shape like a bowl where you can serve salad, food or fruit. As a rusk it harmonicaly combines barley and olive oil that give this edible rusk bowl an exquisite taste. Whatever you serve inside, the rusk bowl absorbs the juice and taste of the content, and with its own taste it gives a really delicious meal. 

You can heat the edible rusk bowl in a low temperature in the oven or in the microwave before serving it. You can use it with legumes, salads, dip sauce, oily foods or even as an appetizer with olive oil and traditional herbs.

Rusk bowl comes in a big size for 2-4 people and a smaller rausk bawl for individual culinary creations.

Low in fat and rich in fiber. An ideal part of a healthy Cretan Mediterranean Diet.

No preservatives.

My tip:

Unfortunately this delicious product is very fragile. And it can easily be broken when shipped to long distances. Nevertheless even broken you can use it in your salad or meals as rusk bites.

The producer

Erofili Bakery

The traditional Cretan bakery Erofili produces and offers a wide variety of traditional rusks, made from natural ingredients, without any preservatives. Their specialty is the Cretan rusk in the shape of a salad bowl. It is low in fat and rich in fiber. An ideal part of a healthy Mediterranean Cretan Diet.