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Olive Groves Spanakis Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Organic extra virgin olive oil Olive Groves, from Spanaki family. In elegant glass bottle with a very special label and handmade wooden gift box.
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This olive oil won our attention because of its label. The kid with the sweet donkey that walk through the valley with olives make us go back many years, in a pure time when such images with children were very common in Crete. Won our first impression because of its label, the elegant glass bottle but also for the wooden box that accompanies and creates an excellent olive oil gift that can travel to every corner of the earth.

Olive Groves Σπανάκης Βιολογικό ελαιόλαδο

But the essence of the gift is the olive oil and that Olive Groves is a highly nutritious certified organic extra virgin olive oil from the privately owned organic olive groves of Spanaki family in Vasilika Anogia in the plain of Messara.

Its includes a handmade wooden gift box which on one side has the name and the signal with the child and the donkey and on the other side represents a traditional image of Crete, a girl playing a lyre or an olive tree. The box has a sliding lid and handle made of natural string-rope.

Organic olive oil, acidity 0.3%.

Protected Area of Origin: Messara Plain

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