Cretan themed T-shirt Gun-Shoot

This humorous Cretan themed t-shirt with a phrase from the local Cretan dialect which translates to "you made me mad and we will shoot each other" is an ideal gift for those who love Crete and the Cretan culture.
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The Cretan


Instead of guns which has always been a Cretan tradition, we propose this humorous Cretan t-shirt labeled with a gun-shaped bubble and a local Cretan dialect expression which translates to "you made me very angry and we will shoot each other".

It is well known that the Cretans love guns which they oftenly use in special occasions. Cretan shootings "balothies" in local dialect are very popular at weddings and christenings as a display of joy and strength, which however, sometimes can lead to tragic accidents.

We do not agree with this practice, fortunately of the minority of the Cretans, neither do we agree with the phenomenon of gun possession and use.

We urge our Cretan compatriots to give up on guns, to try and resolve their disputes in a civilized way and dance away their feelings, those of happiness and joy during the festivals and weddings.

This t-shirt is available in short sleeve and in the following sizes: M, L, XL, XXL.

When ordering, please indicate the size in the comments section. 

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The producer

The Cretan

“The Cretan” is Crete’s very own brand of apparel and accessories. All of their products are made with humor, self-sarcasm and just plain fun in mind. "The Cretan" presents its first line of unmistakably Cretan-themed t-shirts, with phrases taken from the island’s distinct local culture and dialect.

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