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Moscato-Dafni White Sweet Wine by Lyrarakis Wines 500ml

Outstanding quality sweet white wine with a golden color and aromas of apricot and bergamot in harmony with a complex bouquet of herbs and spices.
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Lyrarakis Wines


Moscato Dafni is a sweet white wine.

It has a golden yellow color where apricot and bergamot aromas blend harmoniously with a complex bouquet of herbs and spices. The sweet and velvety flavor balance thanks to the wine acidity and gives a pleasant and cool finish.

The proper drinking temperature is at 6-8 ° C.

Moscato Dafni is a perfect accompliment to fruit and sweet pies.

The producer

Lyrarakis Wines

The company started bottling under "LYRARAKIS" brand until the early nineties. The first vintage was bottled in 1992, since by then the entire production was sold in bulk to large wineries in Greece and abroad.

Today, the company has now passed to second generation. The family vineyard covers an area of ??140 hectares on calcareous gravelly soils and has an average altitude of 550 meters. Since the late eighties, great emphasis is placed on the rare Cretan varieties.

The company's products are greatly appreciated abroad, as one realizes the multitude of international awards, and they are exported to several European countries and in North America (US & Canada).