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Gardenia Female Natural Perfume THEO 30ml

Natural Gardenia female fragrance by Theo parfums that smells like baby powder and freshness, gardenia and jasmine. With light texture ideal for all ages.
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Natural perfume Gardenia by Theo parfums and Bioaroma smells like baby powder and cleanliness, gardenia and jasmine.

Theodoros Kalotinis a famous Cretan perfumer was inspired for making his Gardenia more by the idea of what the flower of gardenia represents rather than its smell. He wanted to create a scent for the white colour and what it symbolises. Enclosed in the bottle lays nostalgia and purity, carelessness and care. The first impression is the sent of talc and freshness leading to the more feminine elements of Gardenia and Jasmine. The vanilla powder based composition blended with the elegant smell of Gardenia and Jasmine offer a sense of sensuality that even the finest lace would envy. 

The Gardenia perfume is the proof that great "noses" are not only born in France. The name of the perfume is based more on the idea of what the flower embodies rather than the smell itself.

Ingredients: Powdery vanilla, Jasmine absolute, Gardenia


* A personal experience

My first experience with Gardenia parfum was when I had the first order from a gentleman who wanted it as a gift to his 16 year old daughter. As he explained to me, his daughter smelt it from her teacher and she liked it so much that she instantly thought of buying it.

How sweet I thought to myself, a dad buying his daughter a Gardenia perfume. My next thought was that I had to meet this perfume.  The following day I visited the Bioaroma facilities and I asked to smell the Gardenia perfume. Indeed a graceful, cool and flowery smell overwhelmed me. It is an amazing perfume not only for young ladies but also for every woman who loves nature and faces life with optimism.

I have to admit that not only did the smell of the perfume followed me for the rest of the day but also inspired me to buy a gardenia pot which is one of my favourite flowers.

So if you decide to give this perfume as a gift in spring time I would suggest to combine it with a real gardenia in full bloom.  



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