Laurel ILIOSTASIO Cretan Herbs 10gr

Cretan Laurel is a typical spice of Cretan and Mediterranean diet. Fragrant pure Laurel Iliostatio for red sauces dishes, red sauces, lentils etc.
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Iliostasio Cretan herbs


Laurel ILIOSTASIO Cretan Herbs

Laurel is an evergreen tree with oblong leaves, green, hard with wavy edges and dark fruits like small olives.

In ancient times, they connected the plant to glory and success. With laurel wreaths honored the winners of the games and their heroes. Also, they considered it protects them from evil and were dedicated to Apollon God.

Laurel leaves are used in pharmacy, as composition for the treatment of influenza and bronchial, colds and as antiseptic for external leg ulcers, burns, scars, dandruff and rheumatism. It also assists the functioning of digestion.

Because of its sweet fragrance, Laurel is ideal for cooking, fits perfectly to stew (octopus, rabbit, hare), potatoes in the oven, fish in the oven, beef broth, marinades for hunting and lentil.

The producer

Iliostasio Cretan herbs

Two cousins, Kostas and Yiannis Fragiadakis from Kyparissi Village in Heraklion decided to enter in to herb cultivation in the family farm lands and produce haigh quality traditional cretan herbs of exquisite taste and flavor.

Their herbs are carefully harvested, dried naturally, and packed with no chemical processing in order to preserve their natural aromas and nutritional value.