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Tomato sauce with Anthotiro Cheese & Marjoram Bioexantas 370ml

Handmade pure tomato sauce suitable for pasta and rice cooked with fresh Cretan ripe tomatoes, dry anthotiro cheese, marjoram and organic olive oil by Bioexantas cottage industry.
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Bioexantas Sauces


Handmade pure tomato sauce with Anthotiro cheese and Marjoram Bioexantas suitable for pasta and rice.

They add great flavor to your food and give you the ability easily and quickly to make your food. You can serve it on a simple spaghetti with fried eggs etc.

All you have to do is to open your Kitchen cupboard!!


Tomato 65%, 15% marjoram, olive oil, wine, tomato paste, onion, garlic, herbs, carrots pepper, salt.


Heat the sauce to medium heat and serve with the meal of your choice.

Weight: 370ml

The producer

Bioexantas Sauces

Bioexantas farm & cottage industry of handmade homemade products is located in a small village in Crete near Rethymnon. It is called BIOEXANTAS because is searching a new sextant, a guideline to life.

- The genuine contact with nature
- The reunion with tradition
- Some postmodern touches of modern knowledge
- The manufacture of products that promote health in accordance with the principles of Hippocratic Diet
So they choose to make sauces because unlike other processed foods have many beneficial health properties. Each sauce is a different story, hides a lot of research and is made with special love. They are handmade, without preservatives, with fresh ingredients, Cretan herbs and a special character!