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Essential Oil Sage Bioaroma 5ml

Sage natural essential oil with multiple uses and properties for your organization as increasing metabolism, it is antioxidant and tonic, 100% pure.
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Bio Aroma 100% Cretan Natural Cosmetics


Essential oil Sage Bioaroma with multiple uses and properties for your organization as increasing metabolism, it is antioxidant and tonic, 100% pure.
The Latin name "Salvia" is derived from the salvere verb, meaning "I am healthy". The Arabs' opinion is important for this common herb which is "whoever has in garden sage is never sick." The sage is collected and dried in shade, so as to maintain the color of the plant and the quality of the essential oil. The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation.
The sage is a natural antioxidant that quenches free radicals produced in humans by different mechanisms which are responsible to participate in many chronic diseases. Sage also activates metabolism, has fat burning action and reduces cellulite.
In Greece, the sage is found in rocky, infertile soils and in areas with hot and dry climate. Many times, when the insects bite it, hard, fluffy balls are formed that resemble fruit. People call it "apples sage", from where the plant got its name.
Traditionally it is usefull instead of toothpaste having people to chew it in order to clean their teeth. It is no a coincidence that its decoction is used in the treatment of gingivitis and skin diseases. Also essential oil acts against toothache.
It is particularly tonic because of tannin containing. Helps in stomach debility, improves memory, in cold, and reduces heavy sweating. Frequent washing with the decoction is good for hair loss. The sage extract in the appropriate dosage and frequency restores the original hair color, natural, before they start to whiten.
It is also used in cooking to tasty food with meat.
As a cosmetic it is recommended for oily skin as a mask for deep facial cleansing and steam for toning skin.
• For strong period pain: Cut a cotton pad so as to fit the navel and pour over 2-3 drops of undiluted oil. Apply and let stand. For intolerable pain combine with mint concoction. Pain disappears in minutes.
• For menopausal hot flashes: Drip a drop in 5ml almond oil and apply the mixture on the chest and armpits.
• For fluid retention and cellulite: Drip 3-6 drops on soap with loofah-sponge in your bath and massage.
• Inhalation for colds: Drip a few drops of oil in the evaporator and relieve the stuffy nose. It is recommended to those who follow homeopathy.
• Aromatic oil for food: It is used in cooking or adding a few drops of olive oil, depending how strong and spicy we want our food, or 1 drop at the end of the food.
• Decoction tonic: Drip 1 drop in the cup of tea, add a little honey, stir and then add hot water. Particularly useful for osteoporosis.
The use of sage is contraindicated in hypertensive people, pregnant women and lactating women.
Do not use on skin undiluted.
Source: Crete / Certified native
All products are made from 100% natural ingredients.

The producer

Bio Aroma 100% Cretan Natural Cosmetics

BioAroma herbal cosmetics and food products made in Crete

BioΑroma has developed 100% natural herbal cosmetics based on research and archaeological finds that have been past down from generation to generation.

Bioaroma natural skin care cosmeticsThe natural raw materials and an abundance of the organic treasures Crete’s earth produces include olive oil, beeswax, sage, dittany, labdanum gum…to name a few. These ingredients have inspired a range of Bioaroma products which offer a holistic approach to overall wellness. Our ingredients are utilized in a vertical integration of production, based on traditional methods combined with new technology-all this in order to maintain quality control and safety. No chemical preservatives, and so natural …that you can eat them.

Crete has been recognized as a botanical paradise because of its optimal climatic conditions and the quality of the earth. This herbal abundance was discovered over 4.500 years ago by the ancient Minoan Civilization of Crete. Minoans were the first cosmetic producers to create herbal creams, ointments, oils and remedies that they would offer to royalty and export to neighboring lands.

Bioaroma is an inspiration from the vast history and heritage that surrounds the land of Crete. Herbal cosmetics derived from the Minoan palaces at the BioAroma laboratories.

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