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Essential Oil Cinnamon Bioaroma 5ml

Cinnamon natural essential oil with heating properties, ideal for the treatment of rheumatic pains, cellulite, 100% pure. It can also be used for pastry making.
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Bio Aroma 100% Cretan Natural Cosmetics


Essential oil Cinnamon Bioaroma has warming properties, ideal for the treatment of rheumatic pains, cellulite problems and also can be used in baking. 100% pure.
• Pain Relief: Add 15 drops of cinnamon essential oil and 15 drops of oregano essential oil in 50ml St. John's Wort oil and spread over the affected areas.
• For cellulite: Suitable to cause hyperemia. Add 1-3 drops to your bath sponge and rub on the points where there is cellulite. It can be combined with sage by putting 2 drops of cinnamon oil and 2 drops of Sage. It helps avoid water retention.
• Hot Beverages: Combine herbal teas with cinnamon and orange essential oil for extra taste.
• Pastries: adding 5-10 drops in syrups is enough to give an intense aroma to all your pastries.
Not to be used on the skin undiluted.
All products are made from 100% natural ingredients.

The producer

Bio Aroma 100% Cretan Natural Cosmetics

BioAroma herbal cosmetics and food products made in Crete

BioΑroma has developed 100% natural herbal cosmetics based on research and archaeological finds that have been past down from generation to generation.

Bioaroma natural skin care cosmeticsThe natural raw materials and an abundance of the organic treasures Crete’s earth produces include olive oil, beeswax, sage, dittany, labdanum gum…to name a few. These ingredients have inspired a range of Bioaroma products which offer a holistic approach to overall wellness. Our ingredients are utilized in a vertical integration of production, based on traditional methods combined with new technology-all this in order to maintain quality control and safety. No chemical preservatives, and so natural …that you can eat them.

Crete has been recognized as a botanical paradise because of its optimal climatic conditions and the quality of the earth. This herbal abundance was discovered over 4.500 years ago by the ancient Minoan Civilization of Crete. Minoans were the first cosmetic producers to create herbal creams, ointments, oils and remedies that they would offer to royalty and export to neighboring lands.

Bioaroma is an inspiration from the vast history and heritage that surrounds the land of Crete. Herbal cosmetics derived from the Minoan palaces at the BioAroma laboratories.

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