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Sarakina can 4L Extra Virgin Tsounato Olive Oil 4L

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with a uniquely mild and sweet flavor and high nutritional value, produced from the "Tsounati" Cretan olive tree.
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Sarakina by Sfinarolis Family


Olive oil Sarakina Tsounato 4L

The olive oil Sarakina is the only Tsounato extra virgin olive oil produced worlwide. It is extracted from the seed of Tsounati olive which is indigenous only in Crete and more specifically in Chania.

Tsounati is an olive grown in centenarian trees. The tree branches are not whipped to prevent them from getting hurt. instead nets are put under the trees and the olives fall when they are naturally mature. Every second day the seeds are collected, while the gathering takes 6-7 months from November- May.

Tsounato is a speial olive oil totaly different from all the other olive oils, because the seed stays on the tree until it is completely mature, its taste is mild and sweet. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, phenols and all the other beneficial ingredients of koroneiki variety. It is the olive oil which you love most of all raw and because of its sweet taste it is the kid's favourite.

This 4L can is ideal for those who have tasted Sarakina oil and search for a bigger more practical package.

The producer

Sarakina by Sfinarolis Family

Sfinarolis family's 80 years experience in olive tree cultivationn translates in the production of the high quality olive oil Sarakina. Their privately-owned olive groves were planted by their grandfathers with love and tender care and today they continue their family tradition with the same love and care, always in complete harmony with the natural environment of Crete. Their Olive-groves are found in over 400 meters elevation, over the mountainous region of Sarakina in South-western Crete. The varieties of olive trees in their region are the "Tsounati" which flourishes exclusively in this region of Crete and "Koronaiki". Those varieties in that particular climatic (full sunlight, high rainfalls, low humidity) and geomorphologic (inclining grounds) conditions of our region give physiochemical and organoleptic characteristics to their "Extra Virgin Olive oil from Selino county in Crete".