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Pasteleion Nutritious Bars with Dark Chocolate, Honey & Almonds 4+1 for free

A delicious healthy bar made with organic dark chocolate, raw thyme honey, almonds, dried fruits and sesame. It is not baked so its ingredients maintain all their nutrients. A healthy and nutritious snack for any hour of the day.
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Pasteleion Nutritious Bars with Dark Chocolate, Honey & Almonds 4+1 free

Special offer of 4 Pasteleion Bars+1 free

Pasteleion Nutritious Bar with Dark Chocolate, Honey & Almonds is a sweet snack made with organic dark chocolate and raw thyme honey. It is healthy, tasty and full of nutrients. Because only one Pasteleion bar is not enough, benefit from the offer of this set of 4 nutritious bars + 1 free.  

Pasteleion bars have a soft texture and are produced from greek natural ingredients, mostly of organic cultivation. They are not baked  in order to maintain their nutrients unspoilt resulting in a delicious energy snack. It is a nutritious meal without sugar, perservatives or flavor enhancements. Its flavour is rich and authentic as well as its aroma which reveals the ultimately natural composition and nutritional value. Enjoy it any hour during the day and get a healthy energy boost.

Ingredients: Almonds 43%, Chocolate 20%, Dried Fruits 12,5%, Sesame 5%.




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