Snail Face Cream Panacea-3 Silver Line by Escargot de Crete

The Panacea-3 face snail cream by Escargot de Crete is a 100% natural regenarating cream made from 70% cretan snail secretion filtrate. Paraben Free, Day/Night Cream
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Escargot de Crete | Panacea-3


Snail Face cream Panacea-3 Silver Line

The Panacea-3 face cream Silver Line by Escargot de Crete is a 100% natural cream made from cretan snail secretion filtrate. It is made from 70% of the highest quality snail extract which is known for its extremely beneficial actions on skin regeneration. It also contains beeswax enhanced with wheat protein and a variety of essential oils.

Panacea-3 Face Cream Silver Line by Escargot de Crete keeps the skin moisturized, shiny and healthy as it provides it with all the essential nutrients that activate regeneration processes, reduce signs of aging, diminish acne and hyperpigmentantion, and face scars. Snail Face Cream Panacea-3 Silver Line soothes the skin and has a healing effect, relieving from irritations. It is suitable for 24 hour care and it is paraben free.

The producer

Escargot de Crete | Panacea-3

Escargot de Crete is a Cretan company active in the field of production, processing and saling snails and natural high quality cosmetics, called Panacea 3, made from the miraculous snail secretion filtrate.
To date, the company operates in 4 acres in Rethymno Crete where the snail farming, a research unit and since August 2012 a modern processing and standardization unit take place.
Driven by the vision of creating innovating products of high nutrional and medical value, based on the Cretan and by extension mediterranean diet, Escargot de Crete is a significant part of the effort for a future that respects both human and the enviroment.

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