Melomakarona Aretousa - Greek Christmas Honey biscuits 200gr

Melomakarona Aretousa the traditional Greek christmas biscuits made with Cretan honey and wallnuts.
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Aretousa Cretan Handmade Delicacies


Melomakarona Aretousa - Greek Christmas Honey biscuits

The Melomakarona by Aretousa are soft handmade olive oil biscuits dipped in thyme honey and covered with chopped walnuts and sesame. The unique Cretan thyme honey aroma gives this melomakarona a flavour of the Cretan land.
Melomakarona are the most popular sweet delicacy for Christmas in Greece, however they can perfectly accompany your tea and coffee moments all year round.
Melomakarona Basic Ingredients: Wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil from Sitia (P.D.O), thyme honey, walnuts, cinnamon, sugar, fresh orange & lemon juice, tsikoudia (raki), sesame.
Aretousa is the Cretan archetype of grace and virtue. Aretousa keeps this tradition in their Melomakarona and other delicacies by using the highest quality treasures of the Cretan land. Aretousa's biscuits and delicacies are made to give you a taste of Cretan and Greek gastronomy memories.

The producer

Aretousa Cretan Handmade Delicacies

It all started in 1998 in a small workshop in Sitia, Crete. There, Garefalakis family respectfully tried to revive local pastry recipes whose origins are lost in the centuries. Thus they created with care and passion traditional handmade delicacies using exclusively natural raw materials of the Cretan land. Olive oil, almonds, honey, raisins and orange were harmoniously combined and created the Cretan Handmade Delicacies "Aretousa".












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