Cretan Black Sariki (Cretan traditional Headband) Hand Knitted Migaki Style

Order your own unique handmade traditional Cretan Sariki in black color made with the finest thread. Receive it at home and wear it proudly.
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Cretan Hands


 Traditional handmade Cretan black Sariki (Cretan Headband)

Sariki is an integral part of the Cretan attire and culture. Many Cretans wear the black Sariki proudly in their everyday lives as it symbolizes both masculinity and valiance.

This traditional handmade Black Sariki is hand-knitted using the skillful techique migaki by Mrs Maria. Because of its dense and elaborate design, it takes about 1 to 2 days for a sariki to be knitted. The Cretan Sariki has a triangular shape and small knots are knitted in every side. It is approximately 110 cm long although it could reach 140 cm if you stretch it while ironing.
This quality Cretan black Sariki is a unique handicraft and an ideal gift that represents the Cretan culture and tradition.
Cretan sariki is handmade and must be handled with care in order to last over the years. Please handwash, gently iron it and do not expose it in the sun.
The Cretan Sariki will be especially knitted for you upon order. It will take about 15 to 20 days to be delivered depending on the quantity ordered.


The producer

Cretan Hands
"Cretan Hands" is a network of producers created with the main purpose of continuing, spreading and promoting the Cretan tradition and Cretan culture. By selecting and bringing together local businessmen who are engaged in the production of authentic Cretan products, it aims to create a common strong brand that will include certified, handmade and quality Cretan products - carriers of Cretan culture and the long tradition of the island. The "Cretan Hands" network is open to companies that are mainly active in the fields of folk art, handmade items and various handicrafts.


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