Liatiko Kedros Rose Dry Wine by Lyrarakis winery 750ml

Rose dry wine Liatiko Kedros by Lyrarakis Winery made from the variety Liatiko 100%, which grows on the foothills of mt.Kedros over a century. A wine with soft skin colour, fruity and berry aromas and a steel mouth.
Alcohol by volume: 13 % vol.
Gross Weight: 1,7 Kg

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Lyrarakis Wines


Liatiko Kedros Rose Dry Wine by Lyrarakis winery

Liatiko Kedros Rose Dry Wine by Lyrarakis winery is a singe variety wine. The variety Liatiko grows on the foothills of mt. Kedros, where farmers have a tradition to keep a low bush vine format, in order to protect their fruit on shoots spreading over the soil, under a rich foliage. Protected from mt. Psiloritis’ winds, and the strong cretan sunshine, on altitudes exceeding 800m, the Liatiko grape variety is being grown there for over a century. 

Liatiko Kedros Rose Dry Wine by Lyrarakis winery is the rebirth of the Liatiko variety grapes under a new face. It is a wine with a light red color and a steel mouth. Fruity aromas of several types of berries are perfectly balanced with notes of winter flowers.

It is a great accompaniment to sea shells and grilled fatty fishes. The ideal temperature of serving is 10 - 12 C.

Liatiko Kedros Rose Dry Wine by Lyrarakis winery has won important awards in international wine contensts such as the 2019 TEXSOM International Wine Awards, Bronze medal and the 2018 Decanter Wine Awards, Silver medal.

The producer

Lyrarakis Wines

The Lyrarakis Winery has been producing high quality wines since 1966 with emphasis on rare Cretan grape varieties. The Lyrarakis family winery has revived ancient Cretan varieties, Dafni and Plyto and Melissaki.

Today, the management of the Lyrarakis Winery has passed to the second generation. The family vineyard covers an area of 140 hectares on calcareous gravelly soils and has an average altitude of 550 meters.

Surrounded by the idyllic setting of the vineyards and the Lassithi mountains the Lyrarakis winery offers the opportunity to visit their estate and enjoy nature and taste Lyrarakis wine varieties.

Lyrarakis wines are greatly appreciated abroad, with many international prizes and awards and they are exported to several European countries and in North America (USA & Canada).




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