Organic Malotira Cretan Mountain Tea ILIOSTASIO 15gr

Malotira, the Cretan Mountain Tea, is a unique aromatic herb for energizing herbal teas with various beneficial properties. Against the diseases of the circulatory system of the human body, against respiratory problems, especially for the treatment of colds and coughs.
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Iliostasio Cretan herbs


Organic Malotira Cretan Mountain Tea ILIOSTASIO

Do you know what it is?

It looks so much like mountain tea and many think they are the same!

The first time that the cousins Kostas & Yiannis Fragiadakis tried to cultivate this beneficial Cretan herb failed. The plants have been shown to be the classic (but beautiful) mountain tea.

With much perseverance and systematic cultivation care they developed the local Cretan Malotira and offered it as a separate item with their products Iliostasio.

Organic Malotira Cretan Mountain Tea ILIOSTASIO is suitable for colds and respiratory diseases as well as disorders of the urinary tract because of its diuretic effect. Ideally if we add honey and cinnamon sticks into warm herb tea act as antiseptic to cough. Also it is beneficial against circulatory diseases.

The Cretan company ILIOSTASIO with respect and love to the planetnow produces its excellent herbs following organic farming programms. The Organic line of ILIOSTASIO herbs is certified and will be constantly enriched with new organic products.

Use: Prepare as a herb tea. Boil for about 4 minutes.

You will find it available in 15g sachet.

The producer

Iliostasio Cretan herbs

Two cousins, Kostas and Yiannis Fragiadakis from Kyparissi Village in Heraklion decided to enter in to herb cultivation in the family farm lands and produce haigh quality traditional cretan herbs of exquisite taste and flavor.

Their herbs are carefully harvested, dried naturally, and packed with no chemical processing in order to preserve their natural aromas and nutritional value.

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