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Traditional Greek Ceramic Pomegranates

Traditional handmade Greek ceramic pomegranates in natural red color. The symbol of abundance, fertility and good fortune. Α thoughtful gift for friends or partners, a meaningful wedding favor.
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Traditional Greek Ceramic Pomegranates

From ancient times, the pomegranate is considered to be a symbol of abundance, fertility and good luck by many cultures. In Greece, pomegranate is offered as a gift that will bring prosperity in the family, while breaking a pomegranate on New Year's Eve is a Greek tradition that symbolizes the good luck that the new year will bring at home.

These handmade ceramic pomegranates are made by Mrs Eve, who specializes in the creation of elegant ceramic ornaments. This is a set of 2 hanging pomegranates, small in size, with a natural red color similar to the color of the fruit. These pomegranates are unique, traditional and symbolic handicrafts that you can offer to friends and loved ones, to guests as a wedding gift or you can add it to business and conference gifts. It is an ideal choice to include in Christmas baskets and gifts as a wish for prosperity and good luck to the recipient.

We can combine these ceramic pomegranates with many other goods in order to create a gift with distinctively traditional character according to your wishes and needs. 

The ceramic pomegranates are produced upon a special order and the delivery time is considered to be about 10-20 days depending on the quantity. For orders of more than 200 pieces, please ask for a special offer. 

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