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Organic Greek Saffron by Magna Creta

Organic Greek Saffron from Kozani, one of the most valuable and delicious spices in the world. Bright in color, explosive in aroma, unique in taste, the greek saffron is a miraculous spice with numerous medical properties.
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Organic Greek Saffron by Magna Creta

One of the most valuable and delicious spices in the world. Saffron originates from an ancient miraculous plant that grows naturally in Kozani. The Cretan company Magna Creta produces goods based on thyme (thyme honey and traditional greek delights suchs as loukoumia and candies with thyme honey) and now decided to add to its product line the famous Greek Saffron, a unique spice with miraculous properties.

Difficult to harvest, bright in color, explosive in aroma, unique in taste, saffron has been described as the elixir of longevity due to its numerous medical properties. Source of vitamins A, B and C, rich in iron, calcium and magnesium, saffron is rightly classified as a superfood. Saffron is very rich in nutrients and it has powerful antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-aging properties. It also helps to improve brain function and enhance memory.

Greek Saffron Kozani is an organic product, collected every November at Kozani, the Greek region that is known for its excellent quality saffron, which is known as Crocus.

Just a small amount will add a strong spicy taste and an intense aroma to your food. Organic Greek Saffron matches perfectly with rice, pasta, potatoes, white meat, fish, soups and sauces. It can also be used in beverages such as tea, coffee and milk, always in a small amount.

You will find the Organic Greek Saffron Magna Creta in a dark glass jar that protects it from the sunlight and maintains the nutrients of this valuable natural product intact. This jar is packaged in an elegant gift box.



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