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Handmade Ceramic Doves (Pigeons)- Set of 2

Handmade ceramic dove in a set of 2 two sizes. An elegant handmade ornament, ideal as a wedding and christening favor or part of a business gift.
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Handmade Ceramic Doves (Pigeons) - Set of 2

Handmade ceramic doves in a set of 2 different sizes. An elegant set of ornaments for your home or a gift to friends and business partners. Ideal gift with Greek character and symbol of peace & friendship.

The ceramic doves are made by Mrs Eva who specializes in creating small ceramic ornaments. They are made in two dimensions 14x11.5cm and a little larger 16x14cm.

For thousands of years, doves are considered a symbol of peace and reconciliation all over the world. In ancient Greece the dove was dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love, and it was a common theme in many works of art as it symbolised purity, faith, love and communication. The image of the dove holding the olive branch comes from the Old Testament, where the dove came back to Noah holding an olive branch in his beak informing that the flood had stopped and peace was restored in the world.



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