2 Mazi Pink Rose Wine by Manousakis & Lyrarakis Winery 750ml

2 Mazi (Together) Pink Rose Wine is produced in collaboration of two of the most renowned wineries of Crete, both with knowledge and love for good wine. It has intense aromas of red fruits with notes of wild herbs. Its mouth is rich and pleasant.
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Manousakis Winery


2 Mazi Pink Rose Wine by Manousakis & Lyrarakis Winery

2 Mazi Pink Rose Wine is the result of a collaboration between two of the most renowned and important wineries of Crete. Western and Eastern Crete meet, represented by Manousakis Winery from Chania and Lyrarakis Winery from Siteia, sharing a common goal, knowledge and love for quality wines.

2 Mazi has a clear, dark pink colour, with cherry hues. It is clean on the nose with aromas of ripe red fruits: cherry, raspberry, with some wild herbs hidden in the background.  It is a full bodied wine, with some delicate tannins, and fresh acidity. Its aftertaste is warm, long and pleasant with a lot of ripe dark berries.

It is an ideal accompaniment for white meat, poultry and mediterranean delicacies. Enjoy it at 10-12 C.


The producer

Manousakis Winery

The Manousakis Winery is the culmination of the dream and passion of founder Theodore Manousakis. Ted was born in Vatolakkos in 1943, and spent his early childhood years in the village until the age of 11. For reasons much beyond his control and much too complex for a young boy to understand, he left his home to find a better future in the far away “Promised Land”, America. The combination of nostalgia or “nostos”, as the ancient Greeks made reference, along with the perfect soil, sun, and whether conditions of Crete were the driving forces behind his first vineyards. The winery remains a family-run business. His youngest daughter, Alexandra, moved to Chania in 2007 and now manages the Manousakis Winery.  

They produce Nostos Wines and Terroir extra virgin olive oil.



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