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Natural Cleansing Soaps Set by Olea Savon 100ml

A set of natural cleansing soaps made from Cretan olive oil, honey and aloe vera. They offer rich moisture and soft texture, as if they were from the distant past, when everything was pure and unspoilt.
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Natural Cleansing Soaps Olea Savon are made from three valuable natural ingredients that are considered to be sources of health and regeneration: olive oil, honey and aloe vera. This set consists of three different cleansing soaps, with common component the miraculous extra virgin Cretan olive oil, that contains all the natural benefits of a skin care product. Rich in vitamins A, B6, E, D, K and antioxidants, it is known for its anti-aging properties, the moisturizing and the softness that provides to the skin. Along with the olive oil, Olea Savon Cleansing Soaps contain natural ingredients which enhance their hydrating composition and their beneficial effects. Jasmine and lavender essential oils, honey and aloe vera. Honey moisturizes the skin and make it glow, it cleans it and protects it due to its anti-septic and anti-flammatory effects, while it helps on the skin cell regeneration. Aloe Vera is known for its soothing properties on irritated or wounded skin, its action against acne and dryness. Use Olea Savon Natural Cleansing Soaps in your every day face wash, to remove make-up or like a shower gel.

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