Natural Olive Oil Cleansing Liquid Soap with Aloe Vera by Olea Savon 360ml

Natural Cleansing Liquid Soap with Olive oil and Aloe Vera by Olea Savon has all the benefits of its ingredients. It rejuvenates, restores and softens the skin. It is ideal for sensitive skins.
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Natural Olive Oil Cleansing Liquid Soap with Aloe Vera by Olea Savon

Natural Deep Cleansing Soaps by Olea Savon are made from three valuable natural ingredients, considered to be sources of health and regeneration: olive oil, honey and aloe vera.

Natural Olive Oil Cleansing Liquid Soap with Aloe Vera Olea Savon is based on the miraculous extra virgin Cretan olive oil and Aloe Vera, that contains all the natural benefits of a skin care product. Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, B6, E, D, K and antioxidants, known for its anti-aging properties, the moisturizing and the softness that provides to the skin. It offers deep nourishment and cleaning, improves the tone and the texture reducing expression lines and wrinkles due to the polyphenols and the oleic acid it contains. Aloe Vera is known for its soothing properties on irritated or wounded skin, its action against acne and dryness. It also has anti-ageing and anti-cancer activities and protects against the harmful effect of free radicals.

Natural Cleansing Soap with Aloe Vera by Olea Savon has a unique, soft and discrete scent, enhanced by the jasmine essential oil, while after its use it leaves a feeling of natural purity. Use Olea Savon Natural Cleansing Soaps for deep cleansing in your every day face wash, to remove make-up or like a shower gel.

With these Cleansing Soaps Olea Savon achieves the creation of a product line of natural skin care based on Cretan olive oil, pure and unspoilt, that satisfies effectively and in a completely natural way every need of the skin for moisturizing, rejuvenation and health.

The producer


Olea Savon company in Heraklion Crete specializes in the creation of natural skin care products based on the philosophy of the pure and unspoilt product that provides health and beauty. Olea Savon benefits from the treasures of nature and specifically of the Cretan Land. Using Cretan Olive Oil as a basic ingredient of all its products, the company creates natural cleansing soaps with honey, aloe vera and essential oils, rich in nutrients that nourish and moisturize the skin deeply. Olea Savon products consist a premium line of skin care cosmetics, without any preservatives, that contributes in the natural cleansing of the skin and secures its health without any harmful effect.


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