Aged Tsikoudia Traditional Cretan Spirit by Toplou Monastery 700ml

Traditional Cretan Tsikoudia distillate aged in oak barrels. Produced at the organic vineyards of Toplou Monastery from fresh fermented grapes of excellent quality. The result is a refined, aromatic drink for demanding pallates.
Alcohol by volume: 40 % vol.
Gross Weight: 3 Kg

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Toplou Monastery


Aged Cretan Tsikoudia by Toplou Monastery

Aged Cretan Tsikoudia by Toplou Monastery is produced based on the thorough knowledge of Toplou Monastery monks in the preparation of traditional Cretan spirits of exceptional quality.

The Aged Cretan Tsikoudia by Toplou Monastery is made from fresh fermented grapes grown in the organic vineyards of the historical monastery in Siteia Crete. The monks use an ancient method for their distillation, boiling in low temperature and for a long time, in order to capture and preserve the complex aromas and flavors of the grapes. The aging takes place in oak barrels giving the tsikoudia its deep golden colour.

At the back label of the Aged Cretan Tsikoudia by Toplou Monastery the philosophy behind the creation of all their unique tsikoudia distillates is revealed: "It is simple to produce a fine tsikoudia as long as you have five centuries of tradition, top quality grapes and God's blessing."

It is a unique gift with distinctive Cretan character to offer to friends or colleagues. It is served frozen and is an ideal digestive drink.

The producer

Toplou Monastery

The Monastery of Panagia Akrotiriani and St. John the Theologian in Toplou Sitia was built in the 14th century. Since then it has always had an active presence in social and wine history. The monks of Touplou monastery cultivate organic vineyards and olive trees and produce wine, raki and olive oil which are standardized and available to local and international markets. The cultivation of the vineyards is made with certified organic methods and the choice of the varieties has been made based on the specific characteristics of the region. 

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