Traditional Cretan Pasta Striftaria with Cretan Herbs - Maggiri 400gr

Maggiri Homemade Pasta creates traditional Cretan Striftaria with Cretan Herbs. Tasteful and aromatic, this pasta is ideal to enjoy only with some dry goat cheese.
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MAGGIRI Cretan home made pasta


Traditional Cretan Pasta Striftaria with Cretan Herbs - Maggiri

Traditional Cretan pasta called "Striftaria" made with semolina, hard and whole wheat flour.

Hand kneaded, naturally air dried and packaged in Aspasia Giakoumaki's traditional family pasta workshop in Heraklion, Crete. Homemade Traditional Pasta Maggiri creates a new version of striftaria pasta using the extract of traditional Cretan herbs that enrich their unique flavour and aroma. Sage, dittany,  majourana, oregano and thyme consist the blend that is used for their production. 

Traditional Cretan Pasta Striftaria with Cretan Herbs is ideal to enjoy only by adding some dried goat cheese and thyme, after you boil it in the amount of water needed in order not to be strained afterwards.

Cretan diet is all about simplicity of ingredients and richness of flavour. Traditional Homemade Pasta Maggiri create delicious meals combined only with a few ingredients. Flavourful and healthy they enrich every dish with their full taste.

No preservatives.

The producer

MAGGIRI Cretan home made pasta

Following the old Heraklion handmade pasta traditional recipes, Mrs Aspasia Giakoumaki and her family created a family pasta workshop to offer pure and natural pasta using only pure ingredients from Crete without any preservatives.

The name "Maggiri" derives from the local Heraklion traditional pasta prepared in a specific way. Half of the pasta was boiled, half was fried and then all together was drenched in the boiled pasta broth. Served almost as a thick soup sprinkled with a lot of cheese.

According to a Cretan saying ( mantinada)
"Mangiri helped raise many generations in Crete,
Through a time unchanged pasta tradition"

Every morning before Aspasia starts kneading the pasta of the day, here comes the Cretan shepherd to her doorstep with the fresh sheep’s milk required for the day kneading. Local farm free-range eggs are strictly used. Only traditional methods are used without preservatives to ensure the flavor and the vitamins of their pasta products.

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