Poppy & Citrus Blossoms Syrup by Dinapoja 250ml

In this Dinapoja syrup poppy petals and citrus blossoms release their aromas in a fresh and complete combination that brings spring in your palate. Enjoy it as a soft drink, diluted with mineral water. Refine your tea, sweets and desserts.
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Poppy & Citrus Blossoms Syrup by Dinapoja

In this Poppy & Citrus Blossoms Syrup by Dinapoja fresh poppy blossoms release a unique fragance that reminds of opium. The combination of poppy with citrus give it a slightly bitter but pleasant taste.

Poppy syrup in Crete is used for its antitussive and soothing effects as it acts against insomnia and the common cold.

Citrus blossoms are known for their rich aroma. When citrus fruits arrived in the Middle Ages first in the Arab world and later in Europe, flowers were considered more important than their fruits. Because the flowers have a fragrance, which has a special effect on their environment, it gives a sense of spring and freshness and at the same time they have calming effects. Flowers also rejuvenate, relieve anxiety and have antidepressant properties.

Enjoy it as a soft drink, diluted with mineral water. Refine your tea, sweets and desserts by adding Poppy & Citrus Blossoms Syrup. It can also be used in cocktails, or as an aperitif with champagne.



The producer


Dinapoja liqueuers and syrups are made from Cretan tsikoudia, and natural ingredients flowers, fruits and herbs. Dinapoja's cottage industry started as a hobby. Katie Dinapoja's love for nature, fruits, herbs and flowers was the reason. Friends and neighbors offered the fruits from their gardens. Myrtles are growing on their gullies and the local mountains generously provide a big selection of aromatic herbs. Mrs Katie, being an organic farmer for many years, could not resist the colors, flavors and aromas of the Cretan land. So she started experimenting by collecting flowers, herbs and fruits, which she processed to offer in a glass.

In other words, she started making liqueurs, syrups, and in the meantime she flavored sugar and made it sweet, sometimes fragrant and sometimes spicy! Initially, for personal use. Later, to please her friends. However, the great acceptance of her preparations quickly nurtured the ambition of creating homemade products that did not exist in the market till then. Today Dinapoja products are available for all of you who are seeking for something different and special, a unique experience in the world of taste.