Bitter Almond Liqueur by Dinapoja 200ml 200ml

Bitter Almond Liqueur by Dinapoja is made from premium quality tsikoudia, Cretan almonds and bitter almonds. It has unique aroma and taste that captivates those who love this kind of spirits.
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Bitter Almond Liqueur by Dinapoja 200ml

Dinapoja Bitter Almond Liqueur is made from traditional tsikoudia, Cretan almonds and bitter almonds. It has a unique aroma and taste that captivates those who love these liqueur spirits.

With Dinapoja Bitter Almond Liqueur, exprerienced bartenders create excellent spirit combinations and award-winning cocktails.

The philosophy in the production of Dinapoja liqueurs is based on the exploitation of fruits and herbs and not on the use of technical aromatic substances. The raw ingredients are combined and create new, original compositions.

Only organic, unprocessed Cretan almonds are used for Bitter Almond Liqueur, without aromas, additives and preservatives.

The almonds remain in the tsikoudia for several weeks, the alcohol absorbs the substances, the color and the aroma of the raw ingredients. The syrup is added to make the liqueur. A natural liqueur should not be too sweet, because sugar covers the rich aroma of the fruit. The liqueur remains again for a long time in stainless steel tanks, to blend the aromas and flavors. Once filtered, Bitter Almond Liqueur is bottled.

A slight turbidity in this natural bitter almond liqueur is a quality feature of natural production.

Alcoholic spirit shipments abroad:

Orders for alcoholic beverages and tsikoudia liqueur can not exceed two bottles for shipment to America, Canada and other countries with strict alcohol regulations.

The producer


Dinapoja liqueuers and syrups are made from Cretan tsikoudia, and natural ingredients flowers, fruits and herbs. Dinapoja's cottage industry started as a hobby. Katie Dinapoja's love for nature, fruits, herbs and flowers was the reason. Friends and neighbors offered the fruits from their gardens. Myrtles are growing on their gullies and the local mountains generously provide a big selection of aromatic herbs. Mrs Katie, being an organic farmer for many years, could not resist the colors, flavors and aromas of the Cretan land. So she started experimenting by collecting flowers, herbs and fruits, which she processed to offer in a glass.

In other words, she started making liqueurs, syrups, and in the meantime she flavored sugar and made it sweet, sometimes fragrant and sometimes spicy! Initially, for personal use. Later, to please her friends. However, the great acceptance of her preparations quickly nurtured the ambition of creating homemade products that did not exist in the market till then. Today Dinapoja products are available for all of you who are seeking for something different and special, a unique experience in the world of taste.