Essential Oil Vanilla by Evergetikon 5ml

Essential Oil Vanilla has a soft and seductive fragrance that acts against stress, anxiety and insomnia. In cosmetics, it enhances the aroma and provides them with an exotic scent.
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Evergetikon Greek Natural Cosmetics


Essential Oil Vanilla by Evergetikon

Vanilla Essential Oil has a soft and seductive aroma that provides with a sense of euphoria and rejuvenation. It is a natural Aphrodisiac. It helps hormone secretion stimulation,  such as testosterone and estrogen, which enhance erotic stimulation and increase libido.

Vanilla Essential Oil is ideal for making your own beauty products such as creams, face masks and perfumes. It enhances their fragrance and gives an exotic scent.

By inhalation, it relieves from anxiety and stress overload as it has a relaxing effect on the brain and helps with insomnia. It is known having antidepressant and sedative properties. Beneficial drops of vanilla, help lower blood pressure, have antioxidant properties and soothe the body from inflammation.

In the bath: add up to 10 drops of vanilla essential oil in a bathtub full of warm water. Relaxes body and mind.

Sensual Massage: Mix 10 drops of vanilla essential oil with 50 ml almond oil and create an aphrodisiac massage.



Avoid eye contact.
They should never been used insoluble or on sensitive skin or skin prone to allergies.
Stop immediately the use if skin appears sensitivity.
Do not use on irritated skin or scratches. Only for external use.
Do not use them for indoors unless you have consulted a physician, pharmacist or an experienced aroma therapist.

If you have a health problem, or you are pregnant, or breast-feeding, you should contact your doctor first.

The producer

Evergetikon Greek Natural Cosmetics

Evergetikon Greek natural cosmetics are produced in Crete with pure olive oil, the best quality beeswax, Cretan herb extracts and other natural ingredients. Evergeticon Greek natural cosmetics provides a great variety of skin care products for women, men and children.

In 2005, Yiannis Skrafnakis and his wife Anna decided to change their professional orientation and focus exclusively on producing natural cosmetics made with raw, pure and organic ingredients found in Cretan nature or cultivated in Cretan land. Being strong believers in the olive oil’s beneficial properties, they combined it with the best quality beeswax and created an innovative cosmetic line named Evergetikon, which is the Greek word for Beneficial.

Their philosophy is that nature provides us with everything we need to take care of our bodies both internally and externally. This is why they carefully select the best natural ingredients to create their 100% pure Evergetikon cosmetics line. They are located in Skalani, a village not far from Heraklion, next to the archeological site of Knossos Palace.



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