Greek Coffee Dandali Caffeine free 500gr 500gr

Famous traditional Greek Cretan coffee Dandalis now caffeine free. Available in a set of 5 100gr airtight aluminum bags, so that you always enjoy fresh aromatic Greek coffee.
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Greek Coffee Dandalis


Greek Coffee Dandali Caffeine free 500gr

Greek coffee Dandalis made in Crete

The most famous Greek coffee brand in Crete is Dandalis coffee made from a wonderful blend of fine coffee varieties. With over 60 years tradition, Dandalis knows coffee and has fanatic customers not only in Crete but all over Greece and the world.

Greek Coffee Dandalis Caffeine free has the fresh aroma and the unique taste that distinguishes the blend of Greek coffee Dandali. Caffeine is extracted in a 100% natural way using water before roasting the coffee beans.

Cretans stop by Dandalis traditional coffee mill in Heraklion’s central market to purchase freshly milled aromatic Greek coffee. For those living away from Heraklion, Dandalis company offers freshly packed coffee in airtight aluminum packaging to preserve its aroma and freshness.

You can buy fresh Dandali coffee in our eshop. We recommend the 5 bag set of 100gr each with 10% more product free. The 100gr size is the most practical so that you always have fresh aromatic coffee.

(Five bag Greek Dandalis coffee caffeine free set 500gr)



The producer

Greek Coffee Dandalis

Dandalis family founded their company in 1952 and began to take their first steps in the field of coffee production. They started from a small coffee processing workshop and went on to set up a retail store in the old central market of Heraklion and then to set up a factory. Today it has distribution points throughout Greece offering freshly ground coffee with unique  aroma and taste. For more than 69 years, the company Dandali offers you coffee of superior quality and taste utilizing the know-how and experience of all these years.


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