Panacea 3 Spa Collection- Face Mask for Deep Cleansing by Escargot de Crete

Panacea 3 Spa Collection- Face Mask for Deep Cleansing with 40% snail secretion filtrate & green clay. It is rich in valuable nutrients that detoxify, tighten and give radiance to the skin.
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Escargot de Crete | Panacea-3


Panacea 3 Spa Collection- Face Mask for Deep Cleansing by Escargot de Crete

Panacea 3 Spa Collection- Face Mask for Deep Cleansing by Escargot de Crete with snail secretion filtrate and green clay helps remove toxins, stimulate and tighten the skin by improving blood circulation locally.

The activation of the microcirculation is one of the most important properties of the snail mucus, especially in cases where skin problems need to be treated. It has a strong antioxidant effect, reduces dilated pores and brightens the skin. Due to the oils it contains, it improves the skin texture and does not cause dryness or the unpleasant feeling of stretching.

Green clay consists of minerals and natural ingredients that are particularly rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese, dolomite, phosphorus and many valuable nutrients. It detoxifies the skin by removing pollutants and dangerous particles from the atmosphere that penetrate the skin and are dangerous to cause damage to the skin cells.

Escargot de Crete snail filtrate as the main active ingredient of this face mask participates as a biocatalyst for skin functions and ensures the effectiveness of the clay without irritation, while enhancing its action. The secretion itself is the regulator of good blood circulation in the skin.

Product Uniqueness: Escargot de Crete snail secretion filtrate combined with green clay, seaweed extract, cucumber extract and aloe vera oil is a unique product in the world market as it is proven to have amazing results from first use.

Apply a rich layer of the face mask avoiding the eye and lip area. Leave the mask on for 15 'and then rinse with lukewarm water. Use it 1-2 times a week. If you have very dry skin, use the exfoliating cream Panacea instead of the specific one. Also avoid using exfoliating cream and cleansing mask at the same day.

It is also suitable for very sensitive skin.

For external use only.


The producer

Escargot de Crete | Panacea-3

Escargot de Crete is a Cretan company active in the field of production, processing and saling snails and natural high quality cosmetics, called Panacea 3, made from the miraculous snail secretion filtrate.
To date, the company operates in 4 acres in Rethymno Crete where the snail farming, a research unit and since August 2012 a modern processing and standardization unit take place.
Driven by the vision of creating innovating products of high nutrional and medical value, based on the Cretan and by extension mediterranean diet, Escargot de Crete is a significant part of the effort for a future that respects both human and the enviroment.

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