Metaxa 7* The Famous Greek Brandy 700ml

Metaxa 7* the world famous Greek Brandy. Metaxa 7 stars is made from Muscat wine of 7 years aging and unique distillates that aged in oak barrels. An original Greek drinking experience that will take over your senses.
Alcohol by volume: 40 % vol.
Gross Weight: 1,8 Kg

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ΜΕΤΑΧΑ The Original Greek Spirit


Metaxa 7* Greek Brandy

Metaxa 7* Greek Brandy is made from greek muscat wines of 7 years aging in combination with other special spirits that have aged in french oak barrels. With the characteristic aromas of METAXA brandy, inside its full body there are hints of Mediterranean herbs, wood, vanilla, honey and black raisin.

Its aromatic character bears elements of ripe peach, prune and dried flowers. It has the unique amber color of METAXA spirits with copper reflections. Its body is round and full, with flavors of sweet ripe fruit and toffee. The aftertaste is velvety and prolonged, leaving fruity notes on the finish.

Enjoy Metaxa 7* Greek Brandy neat, on ice or use it to make classic cocktails.


The producer

ΜΕΤΑΧΑ The Original Greek Spirit

METAXA is the most reknowned Greek spirit, first created by Spyros Metaxas in 1888. METAXA is a mixture of brandy and wine. It is made from raisins (sultana, savvatiano and black raisin) and aged muscat wines of exceptional quality from Samos and Lemnos. METAXA is aged in handmade French oak barrels for at least three years before being flavored with a secret blend of herbs, including rose petals and distilled water.

Today METAXA is exported to over 60 countries, and is included in the 100 most popular drinks worldwide. It is available in five grades: "3 stars" (at least 3 years old), "5 stars" (at least 5 year old), and "7 stars" (at least seven year old), 12 stars (at least 12 year old) and Private Reserve with spirits aged over 30 years.

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