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Ouzo Barbagianni Green 700ml

Greek Ouzo Barbayanni Green label is a traditional aromatic ouzo distilled 100% and contains 42% alcohol. It is originally produced since 1860 at Plomari in Lesvos island by Barbayannis family.
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Ouzo Barbayannis Green

Barbayannis family with experience in the production of anise distillates since 1860 creates one of the most famous Greek Ouzo.

Ouzo Barbayannis Green is a genuine anise distillate with a light taste and rich aroma. It is made from selected pure ingredients and the unique water of Plomari, faithfully following the traditional distillation methods of the family.

Ouzo Barbayannis is linked to the Greek summer, the sea and of course the traditional greek meze.