Ouzo Barbayanni Blue 700ml

Ouzo Barbayanni Blue label is a traditional aromatic ouzo 100% distilled and contains 46% alcohol.. It is originally produced since 1860 at Plomari of Lesvos island by Barbayannis family.
Alcohol by volume: 46 % vol.
Gross Weight: 1,5 Kg

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Greek Ouzo Barbayanni


Ouzo Barbayanni Blue

The classic Ouzo Barbayanni Blue has been produced since 1860 in Plomari, Lesvos, having been established as one of the most famous Greek Ouzo.

Ouzo Barbayanni Blue is an authentic distillate of anise and aromatic herbs that both stand out in its unique taste and in its stimulating aroma. It is linked to the Greek summer, as its soft taste and aroma bring to the palate a sense of sunny sea and summer breeze.

Enjoy Ouzo Barbayanni Blue with some ice and water accompanied by traditional Greek delicacies.

The producer

Greek Ouzo Barbayanni

Efstathios J. Barbayannis arrived in Plomari, Lesvos, in 1860, bringing with him knowledge and experience of the distillation processes from the Russian city of Odessa.

Lesvos Island has always been a fertile island, with an excellent climate, providing a superior variety of anise, the seed that is the basic flavoring ingredient of ouzo. Tens of other kinds of sweet-smelling herbs also grow on this land, contributing to the particular scent of ouzo, a fragrance that is characteristic of Greece.

It is on Lesvos that Efstathios Barbayannis first distilled and produced his excellent-quality ouzo liquor, which is known as Ouzo Barbayanni Blue. Since then, five generations of the Barbayannis family have followed in his footsteps, faithful keepers of the traditional method of manufacturing their unique greek ouzo liquor.


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