Melaion - Gourmet Cretan Honey with Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Sitia 150gr

Melaion is a unique gourmet choice of honey combined with small pellets of olive oil that you will definitely love! Produced from the most famous and premium products of Sitia, Pine thyme honey and Extra Virgin olive oil PDO Sitia, it is a combination of superior taste, aroma and nutritional value.
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Si-Mel Savidakis


Melaion - Gourmet Cretan Honey with Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Sitia

Melaion combines the two most representantive products of the Cretan production. Pine thyme honey PDO Crete and Extra Virgin olive oil PDO Sitia create a unique combination of taste, aroma and nutritional value. It is really worth tasting.

Melaion is made from 100% natural Cretan honey and extra virgin olive oil PDO Sitia. Both products have been produced by Savidakis family for decades in a region known for its rich and qualitative production of honey and olive oil. The honey is produced from the 1,500 beehives of the family. It is of high nutritional value and unique characteristics, which is why it has been awarded multiple times.

Melaion is inspired by the nutritional habits that have been representing the Cretan tradition for many years. A complete breakfast always includes olive oil and honey. Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, the extra virgin olive oil PDO Sitia is added to the pure thyme honey using the method of pelletization so that the combination of flavors is experienced in the mouth as the olive oil pellets explode and are mixed with the honey, resulting in an exquisite feast of flavors.



The producer

Si-Mel Savidakis

Si-mel Savidakis is a family company with four generation experience in the production of authentic top quality honey. Their beehives and their estates (vineyards and olive groves) are located in an area designated as Natura in Sitia, Crete. With sensitivity and responsibility for healthy diet and with rich experience and expertise, they have managed to offer superior quality Cretan products that can satisfy even the most demanding consumer. In particular, the different varieties of Si-mel honey have won many Great Taste awards. The new goal of Si-mel Savidakis family is to launch their new products tsikoudia, rakomelo, ouzo and olive oil.